Cosequences of Falling Behind on Tax Payment

It is well known that everybody loves speed. Owning a car will not only provide you with the speed but also the opportunity to live well. You can reach places within a short period. It a material that changes your life for real. It provide a lot of contentment but has its overheads too. These overheads usually involve the road taxes that have to be paid by all motorists. Car tax rate differs in every country and all car owners should adhere to the car tax rates.

Car tax is a legal requirement in any country. Alongside drivers possessing driving license and registering their vehicles, they are also supposed to pay for car tax. Any motorist caught without car tax can get himself charged with a heavy fine. It becomes more costly for drivers who fail to pay their vehicle tax on time.

Most driver forget to pay tax for their vehicles because they do not have a visual reminder. For conveniences most countries now use Co2 based car tax. The new method of collecting road tax is based on the volume of gas radiated by your car. The new rate are meant to reduce the level of Co2 emissions from the motor vehicle promoting a healthy environment. The Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency is responsible for the collection of vehicles excise duty.

The role of the Agency is to maintain the records of all the drivers and vehicles in the country. The department of transport controls all the activities of the Agency. With the advances in technology, car owners are able to pay their vehicle exercise duty electronically. Paying car tax is mandatory to all citezens The only vehicles that should not be taxed are those with the off Road Notification. The transport department in charge of tax collection creates the tax bands according to the volume of gas emitted.

After paying your car tax to the DVLA you should display a valid tax disc to the windscreen as confirmation. Once the road tax has been paid it expires after a certain period of time upon which it must be renewed. The DVLA regularly checks the car database to identify the untaxed ones. Amount of fines to be paid differ with the duration you have not paid your taxes. The amount of fine can be reduced if the fine is paid at an early stage. Delayed payments will contribute to your car being grounded. Car owners who fail to abide by the rules of DVLA in terms of fine end up paying more for their cars. Every car owner should pay his taxes on time to avoid penalties.

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