Pond Maintenance: Practical Tips to Keep in Mind

Pond maintenance may be an extremely burdensome work, particularly if you will be the one cleaning the pond. Not only that they are time-consuming tasks, but it takes a lot of effort with all the work load that a person would be doing. A lot of pond owners nowadays hire someone for maintenance, however, it would be better for the owner to experience himself the maintenance work.

Below are some of the practical pointers in pond maintenance.

Treatments of Plants

There may be some plants you have within or beside of your pond, you will be pulling them out but for some important plants you would be needing some buckets or perhaps pots for you to transfer them momentarily away from the pond. For instance you may find any dirt, dried leaves and other plant material better off remove them away from the pond and properly dispose them for you avoid the growth of weeds.

Pond Attachments

When it comes to pond accessories you may be needing some professional help for you to temporarily remove all the pumps, fountains, filters and under water lighting, it is very essential also to clean them all before putting thing back in. So if there are breakages you can either replace them or add more to beautify more your pond.

Removing the Water

Draining the water out of your pond may seem to be a hard job for any pond owners. Now if there some fish inside the pond, you will be taking some time catching them first and catching them is not an easy task you know. When all the fish are caught, you can start draining all the water out of the pond. As of the moment you can place all of your fishes inside a bucket or container as you eagerly clean their pond.

Cleaning the Pond

First off, remove all unnecessary things inside your pond like pebbles, rocks, stones and even sludge. Perhaps there are algae on the side of your pond you might want to scrub them all out and work your scrubbing in every corner of the pond. Also check for any leakage inside the pond and patch them all up.

Restoring the Water

The last procedure in pond maintenance would be the restoring all the water back, and it is extremely gratifying to see everything are all in place, sparkly clean. Right before that, you might want to pre-fill the pond with water to see if the pump is still working or not. Keep in mind to let the pump running as you fill the pond with water, in order to circulate the water and to aerate it.

These are all the highlighted tips in pond maintenance, still, if you want a professional help click here for a list of pond maintenance service provider.

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