Advantages of a Business Logo

A trademark is a known symbol that is sketched to represent the goods or services by a certain business and distinguishes them from those of other businesses. The trademark is usually owned by one person or a legal corporate firm. This trademark is usually found on the packaging, labels, receipts or on the actual goods produced by the firm that owns it. Most large companies also have the trademark designed on their business buildings.

Businesses also produce their trademarks on the transportation vehicles used in business. Businesses that were involved in baking were the initial businesses to have trademarks. Then thereafter followed the laws that were enacted to govern the use of trademarks. The trademark distinguishes different brands by different organizations. There are cases also where other companies can use a trademark that is not theirs. This kind of scenario usually involves lawful contracts to allow for the use of the trademark by another company.

This licensing is usually done so as to allow another company to produce similar or related products or services owned by the company owning the trademark. The original company usually gives out guidelines on the production and distribution of the brand to the company using its trademark. When one uses a registered trademark to produce fake goods and services, then one is guilty of brand piracy. This may lead to the owner of the trademark prosecuting the law breaker. This is why many countries usually require that the trademark is registered to aid in such events. A trademark that is not registered and is in use is at times recognized. The business without a registered trademark does not enjoy full legal privileges.

An organization can identify itself by using a word, phrase or a pictorial representation as a trademark. Trademark registration bodies may deny approval of a given trademark based on the laws governing on trademarks. In the differentiation of the products and services produced and distributed by different companies, trademarks are employed. Products and services are identified from a certain source by the use of the trademark used.

In the law, the trademark is usually considered to be some kind of property. Some laws usually state that trademarks that have not been registered can not be used extensively. Firms can enjoy extensive and unique operation of their services by the acquisition of a trademark. Trademarks usually give legality to the brand of a certain organization and thereby securing it from piracy. A trademark also makes it easy for the customers to identify with a given brand. Foreign trade is made possible as the fear of counterfeit goods and services is taken care of by the trademark.

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